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trinity - an immersive
motorcycle racing game
controlled via the
users head movement
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Trinity is an ermersive motorcycle racing
game controlled via the users head move-
ment, based on face tracking technology.
Trinity was created as a students project
during a two week workshop, in 2014. Built
around the idea of soley using ones head
and upper body movement to control content
and affect elements, trinity offers new
and immersive ways of interacting with a
first person racing game.
Having been drafted and executed under
the aspect what a group of three can
create in just two weeks, trinity is
all about the basics. Focusing on a
natural racing experience inside an
unobtrusive yet immersive gaming envi-
ronment, comparing ones results with
others and choosing between a compe-
titive or a free racing mode. Trinity
was brought to life using processing
as programming language.
learn about the parallax,
dashboard, the free and
competitive racing mode
and much more
Trinity takes place in a dark, futuristic,
ominous city, inspired by movies like
Tron or the Matrix. The racing circuit is
located between high geometrical build-
ings soaring around the stage. All adding
up to the almost doomed atmosphere, which
gets further reinforced by the soundtrack
and effects one is presented while racing.
Trinity is dominated by dark, cool colors,
disturbed with glaring green accents to
highlight important elements like the
racing track, showing one where to steer
the motor cycle.
One controls the motorcycle by moving his
head into different directions, leaning
forward speeds up the motorcycle, leaning
backwards slows the racing action down.
Moving the upper body to the left or right
leads to the according action on screen.
These four basic control actions can be
combined for an more natural experience,
for example leaning forward and to the
right speeds the bike up while turning
to the right.
Interaction Design 2nd Semster
3 Dimensional Basics

Barend Visser, Mark Meyer,
Nico Göckeritz