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terra is an interactive
communication system
controlled only by the
users hand gestures
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Terra is an interactive multilayer
communication system focused on
giving the user a new and intuitive
way of interacting with content.
By exploring new possibilities of
interaction, terra enables a way
of interaction not possible with
todays touch or mouse based devices.
Terra is solely based on gesture
interaction one performs with his
arm and hand.
Built with multiple information use
cases in mind terra's structure is
effortlessly applicable to different
topics. In the presented use case
terra deals with endangered species
in the tropical rain forests around
the globe. Terra was brought to life
using a combination of unity as an
engine, maya for modeling and c# as
programming language.
Terra is built up from three layers,
the first one presents the user with
an abstract low poly rotatable globe
where he can choose one of three
rain forests to further information.
The second layer is all about the
forrest itself presented in a simple
yet immersive low poly style, full
of color and sound, filled with diff-
erent domestic species living in it.
From here the user can choose one
species to get further information
on. This third layer then shows
elements like interactive statis-
tics on the animals endangerment,
a photo gallery, an interactive
three dimensional model to explain
special elements of the animals
anatomy and information about the
animals habitat.
Interaction Design 2nd Semster
Interactive Communication Systems

Mark Meyer, Bernadette Krehbiel,
Nico Göckeritz