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making slack easier
to use, more focused
and built around ones
daily use scenarios
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Communication is an substantial part of
our daily life, concepts like sms, email
and other messaging solutions have changed
the way we interact with each other once
and forever. Email has emerged to be the
main tool for contact in companies and
agencies around the globe, despite having
clear weak spots especially when working
with different groups of people inside
different projects. Here Slack kicks in,
an application created to make commu-
nication easier and intuitive.
Slack is an brilliant idea, designed and
executed in a not quite so brilliant way.
Navigation is to complicated, file manage-
ment unstructured and processes are often
far longer than necessary. This redesign,
created as a students project, sets out to
rethink Slack from the ground up, by doing
so the result became something new yet
familiar, based on three pillars: teams,
teams, projects and communication.
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slack was redesigned
with three pillars in
mind: communication
teams and projects
Teams built up the upper most layer of
slack, everything one does happens inside
the various groups of people, working in
the same company, department or on the
same project. Most of what one does on a
daily basis happens inside projects, with
different people and different tasks, so
it was just logical to build Slack around
the idea of projects. Projects live inside
of teams and are a combination of tasks,
documents, project conversations and
time planning.
Communication is the third main pillar
of this redesign. Getting in touch with
colleague and project members was simp-
lified by removing all the unnecessary
parts and soley focusing on the team
communication, chats inside of projects
and single chats. Inspired by common
solutions and expanded by new ideas,
messaging is now easier to use, quicker
while remaining powerful.
Interaction Design 3rd Semster
Application Design

Yijian Lan, David Swinieckie,
Bernadette Krehbiel, Nico Göckeritz