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Hello, I am Nico and this is what I do
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Terra is an interactive
three layered communi-
cation system, controlled
soley via hand gestures,
creating a new way to
interact with content.
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Trinity is an immersive
motor cycling game soley
controlled via the users
head and upper body move-
ment, using simple face
tracking technology.
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Slack redesign takes a
new approch on the famous
team communications app.
Focused on enhancing the
structure and the useres
overall experience.
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A Community for designers
and creatives to ask ques-
tions and get help in order
to enhance their work get
multiple points of view and
new ideas or approches.
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HfG exhebition guide for
the semester exhebition to
get informed about the diff-
erent programs and finding
the rooms or services one
is interested in.
Hello, I am Nico. Born in 1994,
I grew up in a small town near Stuttgart
in southern Germany, where I spent most
of my youth. Having been taken by techn-
ology and especially design since I was
a child. I had the fortunate opportunity
to pursue my passion by studying inter-
action design at University of Applied
Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd starting summer
2014. Great design, to me, is simple and
focused, built with a purpose in mind.
It brightens the users day and offers
joy and sophistication.
The road that leads one to great results
often is a painful and difficult one, a
constant process of rethinking the given
and questioning concepts and principles.
If one is willing to walk the extra mile
something good can turn into something
truly amazing. I think that design, is a
collaboratorive process and I do strongly
believe that the best work is always done
by a team of people, working together
and each bringing in new ideas and diff-
erent points of view.
© nico goeckeritz | 2016